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Athena Literacy is an educational app that aims at improving fluency in English for both native speakers as well asĀ users who learn it as a secondary language. The biggest challenge to the success lies in user engagement & retention. We have focussed on specific features to address these learning challenges.

  • Engaging users with game based learning, with badges & dynamic fun content
  • To enhance communication, we utilize multi-media content, translation
  • Self paced learning
  • Several avenues to practice new skills
  • Situational learning with story boards & short videos


Modular architecture with thin client allows the app to be data driven.

FE development usesĀ the Ionic cordova angular js framework that is extensible to multiple mobile platforms.

BE is cloud hosted in AWS, Rest services, MySQL DB, Lex for bot creation using deep learning AI to understand user intent, Polly for speech synthesis, Lambda for rule based code execution.



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